BAYER HEALTHCARE is one of the leading and innovative global companies in health care and medical products.  Bayer HealthCare develops and manufactures leading edge products to improve human and animal health care.


Innovative, highly effective, these words best describe the Bayer HealthCare –Pharmaceutical Division’s product line.  They are products of Bayer’s research on life threatening conditions and problems such as cancer, cardiovascular disorders, bacterial and viral infections and urological disorders.

The Pharmaceutical Division works with a network of leading technology providers and combines future oriented technologies such as genomics and bioformatics with its own expertise for the benefit of its clientele.  Some of its major products are Ciprobay, Adalat, Glucobay, Avelox, Levitra, Xarelto among others.

Following Bayer's successful takeover offer for Schering, the merger of Schering AG and the Bayer Pharmaceutical Division upgraded Bayer’s international standing in the industry.

Consumer Care

Bayer HealthCare’s Consumer Care Division is one of the world’s biggest and leading suppliers of non-prescription or over the counter (OTC) drugs and dietary supplements. With Bayer's acquisition of Roche Consumer Health, a top-tier consumer health company emerged with more than 170 trusted brands around the world including well known brands in the Philippines such as Bayer Aspirin, Canesten, Rogin-E, Berocca, Calci-Aid, Saridon, Supraneuron, Dianne, etc.  – all united under the Bayer cross.

Animal Health

Bayer continues to be one of the global leaders in animal health care products. With its wide range of anti-infectives, parasiticides, nutritionals, probiotics,  grooming line and biologicals for livestock, poultry, pets and aqua, Bayer Animal Health Division is among the country’s biggest animal health care suppliers.

Its best known Food Animal Products are: broad-spectrum anti-infective Baytril; coccidiocide Baycox; metabolic stimulant Coforta/Catosa; antibiotic premix Ultimin, Xeedoxl; antiparasiticides Baymec, Neguvon and Sebacil;  nutritionals Baymix, Pecutrin, Latibon, Latibon Plus ME, ARN,TOXISORB; biosecurity products Farm Fluid S, Virkon S, Hyperox; and  hygiene products Racumin, Quickbayt.

Bayer Animal Health in the recent couple of years entered one of the biggest growing market, in agriculture, the aqua industry mainly catering to tilapia, bangus and shrimp with its brands PondDetox, PondProtect, PondPlus, Deocare and Stomi Aqua.

The Bay-o-Pet and Ethical line of pet care, protection products and vaccines such as Advocate, Advantix, Drontal, Kiltix, Bayopet Shampoo, Bayopet soap and Bayovac complete the portfolio of Animal Health.